You probably saw them last weekend at the Rochester Art Center for "Minnesota Goes Pop!".

Have you seen, or heard of, Second Story yet? This trio reminds me a hell of a lot of Rush. Not in sound or music style necessary, but they emit the same power with just three guys that Rush does.

Second Story Facebook
Second Story Facebook

Second Story describes themselves as an "Indie-Grunge-Punk power trio from Rochester, MN.  Playing original music with loud guitars, subtle intensity and controlled chaos." - I'm in!

If you like Weezer, Sublime, Nirvana, The Clash, or Cursive you're in for a treat. That's who influences Second Story.

They're relatively new to the scene, but they've already put out a new (and first) self-titled EP.

For me, at first listen, Sterling Haukom's voice sounded a lot like Rivers Cuomo! Amazing! Second Story consists of Sterling Haukom - Guitar/Vox, Tim Kline - Drums and Mike Terrill - Bass.

They've already got a sweet video under their belt too!

Check out Second Story today!

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