What is wrong with people?

I typically find myself asking that quite often when reading the news, but this story takes that question to a whole new level. It’s an unfortunate reminder of how terrible and cruel people can be for seemingly no reason at all; this one especially stings since it takes place here in Minnesota.

Star Tribune via Facebook
Star Tribune via Facebook

Over the weekend, a video posted to Facebook showed three as-of-now unidentified suspects initiating an unprovoked attack against a physically disabled teenage boy outside of a Target store in Crystal. Originally posted on one of the suspect’s Facebook pages (in the rare case where we can be thankful for an idiot being an idiot), the video was viewed more than 5 million times before being deleted early Monday morning. According to the Star Tribune, it showed the three suspects slapping and kicking the victim before running away laughing. Absolutely disgusting, no? Who does that?

Luckily, Crystal police seem to have a good idea of who the suspects are, although so far they aren’t releasing any details on their names or ages; only that they are said to personally know the victim. In the meantime, we can only hope that the sweet hammer of justice will soon be raining down upon these three morons. Can that be posted to Facebook, please?

Because seriously, one more time with feeling: What is wrong with people?

Source: Star Tribune

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