Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - A Rochester woman has been charged with taking  part in an attempted bank robbery - nearly two years ago.

It happened in December, 2015 at the US Bank office along East Circle Drive, a few blocks east of North Broadway.

A man wearing a hoodie handed a teller a note demanding money but left when he suspected she had activated an alarm. He did not display a weapon.

Police say he left the note behind and the Minnesota BCA later found a fingerprint that matched records with 25-year-old Elizabeth Weaver. Police interviewed Weaver and she admitted she was with her boyfriend the day he tried robbing the bank. She was driving the getaway car and had parked near the bank.

She has now been charged with an attempted theft count and ordered to make her first court appearance in November.

Her boyfriend has not yet been charged with the crime. Several burglary charges against him are pending.

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