Rochester is growing. We’re getting new restaurants, more businesses, more apartment complexes, hotels, and maybe even a water park. But there’s one thing Rochester doesn’t have…

…and that’s a strip club.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily saying that Rochester SHOULD have a strip club, but don’t you find it odd that Rochester doesn’t have a strip club? Does anyone know why that is? I’ve heard that there are city ordinances about how you can’t have a strip joint near public schools or residential areas – and that makes sense. But there’s nothing that definitively states that the Med City CAN’T have a sexy establishment for both men and women.

Do people just not want a strip club here? Why is that? Some of them have pretty good breakfast buffets from what I've heard.

Hey man, I’m just asking the hard questions.

…Tough questions. I’m asking the tough questions.

So what do you think? Does Rochester need a strip club? You can vote on the pole poll below:

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