We've all complained about Facebook for one reason or another, right? I had the pleasure of meeting one person who actually loves it - and for good reason.

Let me take you back to March 30th. On that sunny (yet chilly) afternoon, it proved to be an especially Good Friday. I assembled a group of Rochester artists at Cafe Steam which all happen to female. I've written plenty about the men of Rochester's art scene (whether it's music, paint, poetry or any other form of art) in the past, and I felt it was well past time to give the ladies the spotlight too.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Dawn Sanborn immediately caught my attention online - but not for her photography skills. Don't get me wrong, they're great! I just noticed something else first.

She quite literally puts every ounce of kindness into her work and personal life that she possibly can. In a world where Facebook can seem like an endless barrage of negativity, she counters that by outlining the things that she's grateful for at the end of her day. She calls it "Random Gratefulness for today," and I so look forward to reading them! She admits she loves connecting with others on it.

You've probably already seen her work numerous times in Rochester Women Magazine. Her eye in photography totally reflects her pro-authenticity stance. She describes herself as a Minnesota family photographer and also does lifestyle photos and food shots. She's also a photography instructor who won't push you to buy the most expensive camera - just to get excited about the one you have!

Lately, she's been excited about working with other Rochester women on their projects. She explains, "It's coming May 15th. We're calling it #UsToo [like #MeToo]. We have a video we're shooting, and we're planning a rally as well." This rally will show off "vulnerability placards" so that those wearing them can read and learn about the harassment struggles some have faced. A Q&A session and more art is planned for after. Stay tuned for more details!

Is she Rochester's biggest Facebook fan? Maybe. I just know she loves using the platform for good, and we all would do well to take notes on the way she uses it.

If you'd like to meet Dawn and see more of her work, her next showcase is coming soon at Charter House!


Her hope for Rochester's art scene is simple; she just wants to "get the art out there" and have every artist, male or female, get the recognition they deserve.

Thanks for reading this blog! It's my plan to make this an awesome blog series that will prove Rochester has an amazing art scene.

Check out a brand new female artist next Wednesday!

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