Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Kreator and Enslaved in concert in Minneapolis. It was my first time seeing Kreater, and my fifth seeing Enslaved.  If you don't know those bands, you probably won't be surprised when I tell you that they tend to play small or medium sized venues when they come to the US. These concerts were no different.

I couldn't help but find myself getting really annoyed (not angry, just annoyed) with fellow concert attendees who seemed hellbent on making their way to either the bar or bathroom, DURING the set.

Don't get me wrong. I completely understand wanting to grab a drink or needing to pee, but sweet Jesus can we make it one round trip max per set!!???? I don't mind movement when no one is on stage playing, but I do mind when you're impacting my show experience which I paid for. The part I paid for is watching the music be performed.

In my opinion, if you're traveling two, three, four and five times roundtrip while a band is on stage - you're only there to party.

I respect your right to party - just respect mine too.

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