Were you at the show too? Let's talk about the incredible production value first.

We were pretty damn excited when we found out that Vimic, Motionless In White, Little Miss Nasty and In This Moment were taking their tour to Rochester this summer. Some of you lucky ones even scored free tickets to the show from us! I had high expectations for this show, and they were exceeded.

Let's review the best "moments" (HA! SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) from a rockin' night Rochester. This tour was completely full of team players.

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    Vimic being a band of brothers

    I was super pleased with the amount of love and camaraderie those guys exuded on stage.

    Oh, and Kalen Chase is a beast too. I love his jokes, and I'll always love how sweet Joey Jordison is to the crowd. By standing up multiple times, he makes sure that everyone knows how much he appreciates us for attending the show.

    After seeing them live for the first time at Rock Fest, I expected good things and they delivered.

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    Motionless In White covering SOAD

    I was NOT prepared for this! Covering System Of A Down takes balls, and Motionless In White totally delivered with a delicious cover of "Chop Suey" last night. This was my favorite moment from their set.

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    Little Miss Nasty giving us Dita Von Teese vibes

    If we're being completely transparent, I had zero expectations for Little Miss Nasty because I really didn't know what they were about.

    After finally watching them, here's what I'll say: they were an INCREDIBLE filler for this crowd and this tour. I don't use the term "filler" negatively. What I mean, is that they really maintained the energy between Motionless and ITM.

    Burlesque and metal? You can't go wrong. It's different, it's cool, and made me want to get in a few more ab workouts.

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    Mother Maria's arrival

    Obviously, the place lit up when Maria Brink took the stage and In This Moment launched into "Blood" last night. Personally, I enjoyed that tune live best.

    What also captured me last night was the production value. Continual smoke machines, lots of artistic flair, insane costumes, dancers and a chic tent for Maria to use as a safe haven were all part of the mystique.

    We even caught her watching Little Miss Nasty from the wings too.

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