Well, we kind of expected this to happen. Or, did we?

It turns out that Puddle Of Mudd won't be performing at all in Minnesota this summer. That means the Olmsted County Fair too. For the latest (because there will be more updates), keeps your eyes right here on our website and the link below. That's where we first got word of this somewhat expected news.

To be even more clear, Puddle Of Mudd is cancelling EVERY Minnesota date they had planned for this summer.

The word on the street is that the Olmsted County Fair is looking into getting another act for the show. If they do, we'll keep you posted on who is filling in.

Let me just start by saying, if this anything to do with Wes, I really hope he gets help. I'm now officially bummed for the local bands who were taking part in this, September Mourning and Nonpoint. No word on whether or not they will still be performing.

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