Today, the Supreme Court just struck down a federal anti-sports gambling law, meaning that more states will be allowed to offer legalized sports betting. Aside from the very interesting possibility of being able to make legal bets with professional sports leagues like the NFL, I’m focusing on an even more interesting possibility right here in Rochester.

Yes, that’s right. We should totally be able to start placing bets at Rochester Honkers games. Just think of the endless possibilities! Wouldn’t a random Honkers game be even more entertaining if you had money riding on it?

“I just bet $5 that we’ll see three homers before the 4th inning.”

“$20 says the Honkers will win this game by two runs.”

“$2 says the Honkers will cover the spread.”

This needs to happen. Clearly, this would add an entirely new layer of intrigue to the average Honkers game. I say this knowing that I would likely lose $5 almost immediately after placing a bet (I'm a cheap gambler who just wants to feel the thrill).

What do you think? Would the addition of legalized betting make you more likely to go to a Honkers game? Just make sure you pay off all your bets before Slider shows up at your office with a baseball bat!

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