In a little under two weeks, May 26th if we are getting technical, the latest business is set to have its grand opening in downtown Faribault. 10,000 Drops Craft Distillers is set to welcome community members that are curious to try some locally made whiskey using locally harvested grains!

In a recent expose in The Growler the three friends behind 10,000 Drops got to talk about the process of beginning and opening this truly unique business. What I liked about the article was that 10,000 Drops is utilizing local grain to make the whiskey. The grain is supplied by Purfeerst Farms, a family farm located in Faribault.

The guys have also put on the miles as two even went so far as to attend Moonshine University, a distilling school offering classes and certifications, where they learned about whiskey and rum, aging techniques and best practices.

The building they have now made into their home base for operations, 28 Fourth Street Northeast, once housed an antique store. And the guys aren't limiting themselves to whiskey they are also going to be producing Silver and Spiced rum.

As far as inside the building a cocktail lounge will be near the entrance. The focus will be placed on events during the day, music, live entertainment, and getting in touch with the 10,000 Drops story. When you visit you'll have the opportunity to tour the building, kick back for samples and see the storage space for the aging barrels.

As far as food being served inside, that might be down the road. 10,000 Drops does plan on bringing in some food trucks and to put together a limited menu from the nearby restaurants.

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