As if we needed more proof that Minnesota is a great state, Wallethub just released their list of the 2022 best states to live in the US and Minnesota did pretty well if I do say so myself. Out of all 50 states Minnesota ended up ranking in the top 10!

Now, obviously, we all already knew that Minnesota is awesome, but let's see why Wallethub decided we're one of the best. In order to come up with their rankings for this year, they looked at "52 key indicators of livability" like housing costs, education rate, income growth, and the number of quality hospitals (Minnesota had to have taken the cake in that category).

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Before we get to the top 10 best states, let's take a peek at the 10 worst states to live in according to Wallethub:

41. West Virginia
42. Kentucky
43. Alabama
44. Oklahoma
45. South Carolina
46. New Mexico
47. Arkansas
48. Louisiana
49. Alaska
50. Mississippi

Something that really stood out to me with these bottom 10 is that Alabama ranked number one for affordability but in the economy, education & health, and quality of life categories they ranked in the bottom 10 and for the safety category they ranked in the bottom 30.

Now for the 10 best states to live in! Let's see where Minnesota ends up.

10. Wisconsin
9. Minnesota
8. Wyoming
7. Florida
6. New Hampshire
5. Virginia
4. Idaho
3. New York
2. New Jersey
1. Massachusetts

Barely cracking the top 10 are Minnesota and also our cheesehead neighbors, Wisconsin! I was surprised to see New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts up at the top considering how much it costs to live in those states. However, even though those three ranked poorly in the affordability category, all three ranked super high for education & health, quality of life, and safety.

Now that it's been confirmed that Minnesota is a great place to live, keep scrolling for the most dangerous towns in our state so you know which spots to avoid.

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