Today, there should just be vats of freshly brewed coffee sitting all over Rochester, Minnesota to celebrate the best day ever - National Coffee Day!  Obviously, some half and half, dashes of cinnamon, and some pumpkin spice creamer will also need to be sitting there because, let's face it, some of us are coffee snobs and don't drink anything black.

I haven't found any vats of coffee just sitting around but I did find the top 15 coffee shops people in Rochester love the most according to Yelp. 👇  (I also found 7 places in Minnesota with huge deals on National Coffee Day - check those out here.)

Top 15 Coffee Shops in Rochester

Looking for a great place in Rochester, Minnesota that is serving up some fantastic coffee? According to Yelp, here are the top 15 spots that were picked as the favorites.

What's your favorite coffee shop in Rochester?

Is your favorite on the list?  Let me know over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.  And if you know a local place that's doing a freebie today, send me a DM or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.  I'd love to spread the word...and stop by myself.

rochester on tap craft beer festival
Rochester On Tap, Townsquare Media Event

Fall is the perfect weather for coffee...and these favorite things!

I absolutely love this time of the year.  I never really know what to wear because we can go from 50 degrees to 80 in just a few hours.  It is just a magical time though and a favorite for a lot of women.  In fact, I asked around and here are the top reasons why women love fall!  Scroll through and see if any of these are on your favorite list too.

21 Amazing Things About Fall that Women in Minnesota and Iowa Love

As soon as the temps start to drop in the Midwest you can just see women all over Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin get excited. We've been dressed down to our jean shorts and tank tops but we are a bit antsy because we can finally start pulling that flannel out of the closet! OUR season of favorite things has finally come back and here are the top picks women love about Fall.

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