Okay, get ready to watch a thrilling video that looks like a real-life action movie. The cool part? It’s from right here in Minnesota, and it happened just this month. It begins with two Minneapolis troopers making a traffic stop (for reasons unknown). At first, it looks pretty routine. Both officers are talking to the driver through his window; suddenly, he peels out and speeds away, fleeing the officers. So right away, you figure that this guy is not the cleverest chap. That’s when things start getting intense. The officers both rush back to their vehicle and begin pursuing the suspect down 694-E.

They’re able to catch up to the driver, who appears to almost crash his SUV before continuing down the highway. That only lasts for a few seconds before he careens down a hill, rolling his vehicle several times in the process. The officers both rush down the hill to confront the suspect when the car suddenly lights on fire. The footage is pretty grainy, but you can hear the officers as they heroically pull the man out of his burning vehicle while the flames get more intense. They even remark about the heat of the vehicle. I can't imagine what they must have been feeling while standing next to a car that could explode at any time (based on my extensive knowledge of action films).

In the end, these two officers were able to save a man’s life and arrest an idiot who selfishly (but thankfully, briefly) made the road more dangerous. Two birds, one stone, as they say. All in a day’s work!

For maximum badassery, the only thing this video needs is a Metallica track or an '80s power ballad mixed into the background. It’s still pretty cool, and a great example of “Serve And Protect” in action.

Source: YouTube





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