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We aren't back to "normal" but we now can eat inside restaurants and bars again!  However, one location in downtown Rochester, Dooley's Pub on 1st Ave, is still locked up.

I sent a note to Dooley's through their e-mail to get more information and to see what their reopen date might be and it was returned as "not deliverable".  I did try searching to get more information through their website but that is also no longer up and running.

According to the Post Bulletin, the owner, Tory Runkle, was quoted stating, “Knowing that you can only get COVID at bars, I feel it’s best for the City of Rochester, if I remain closed for now.  Looking at my options for the future, but the city seems unreasonable about helping.”

Dooley's has been in the news quite a bit this past year due to outbreaks of COVID-19.  If you missed those stories, you can find those below:

I'll update the story if I hear anything back from Dooley's Pub.

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