It's actually really easy, you guys. Wanna see Psychostick this weekend at The Wicked Moose?

Here's a few things you need to know about the show first.

  1. This is one of the last rock shows coming to The Wicked Moose, so you definitely want to be there on Saturday.
  2. Psychostick is bound to bring the crazy, and fun... it's Psychostick for crying out loud.
  3. A lot of local Rochester rock bands are set to open for them: Examen, The Manic Diaries and Embrace The Ending just to name a few. Certainly a treat to see!

All you have to do to score tickets for free from Z-ROCK 107.7 & 103.9, is listen for the "psycho" code word everyday with Val at around 12:30pm. It really is that easy!

She'll give you the word you need to enter to win at, and BAM! You could be headed to see Psychostick, and some great local talent, for free on Saturday.

Good luck, and keep listening!


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