I'm not ashamed to admit that when it comes to drinking beer, I'm somewhat of a lightweight. Put two beers in me and I'm 50% more willing to dance on a table at a family restaurant. Hey, at least that means I'm a cheap date!

Alcohol.org recently came out with a survey that asked Americans from every state how many beers it takes for them to feel drunk (based on a beer with a 4.5% ABV). And it turns Minnesota is slightly above average compared to other states:

Source: Alcohol.org
Source: Alcohol.org

The national average is 3.45 beers, while it apparently takes 3.67 beers to make a Minnesotan feel tipsy.

As for our neighbors, North Dakota had 3.29 beers, Iowa had 3.48, while Wisconsinites need 3.88 beers to feel drunk, which actually makes them one of the few states with the highest tolerance. That's probably because of all that cheese, you see.

So what does this really tell us about Minnesotans? We seem to like our beer, and we're pretty good at drinking it!

I found this survey pretty interesting; you can check out the full results here.

Source: Alcohol.org

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