Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you a security guard who calls himself "Paul Flart". The 31-year-old works at a Florida hospital, and has recently gone viral after posting a video compilation of himself farting at work over the past six months. No, really. For immature adults like myself, you definitely want to turn your sound up for this:

Bless this man. I had a debate with another coworker about whether his farts are in fact real; she thinks it sounds like a fart machine, but my personal experience leads me to believe that they're legit farts. But either way, this is hilarious and extremely relatable for anyone who has had to entertain themselves on the job. Sadly, Paul was recently fired from his job, because his managers apparently have the Internet. So now that Paul needs work...are you thinking what I'm thinking? Is a certain local medical facility hiring? Come to Minnesota, Paul!

Source: Vice and YouTube

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