Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester class ring mystery has been solved.

The Rochester Police Dept. was trying to locate the owner of a class ring that was recovered as part of a recent investigation. A picture of the Rochester High School Class of 1958 ring was put on the department’s Facebook page in hopes of locating its owner.

Meanwhile, Capt. John Sherwin says an investigator found initials on the inside of the ring. The investigator later had contact with a person who had a yearbook from the Class of 1958. Only one person from the class had the initials found on the ring and it was determined the person had died a few years ago.

Sherwin says the investigator also learned the person had a daughter who lives in rural Rochester and that her home had recently been burglarized. When contacted, the woman said she was not aware the ring was among the items that had been taken.

Sherwin says the ring has since been reunited with the daughter.

By the way - Did you know Rochester High School was replaced by John Marshall High School?  It happened in 1958, 60 years ago.  But there was a bitter political fight before that could happen (sounds like today's political environment!). Here's the scoop.

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