The chill we felt in southeast Minnesota this week was certainly a welcomed one!

It reminded me that summer 2018 is breathing its last breaths. Personally, I'm okay with this because fall is my favorite season and I wish it would hurry up and get here - BUT if you're a summer lover, don't start crying yet.

There are five amazing and free ways to enjoy the last bit of summer we still have.

Thinkstock: Rich Koele
  1. Attend a free block party: It's free admission. Stay local and choose Thursdays, or head to Winona for this one.
  2. Go on a hike: There's tons of trails nearby to pick from!
  3. Load up the grill: Got any leftover burgers or dogs? Have them for dinner! Who says they have to strictly be a "cookout" thing?
  4. Practice your corn maze skills: It's Minnesota... you probably know a corn farmer... ask them to let you play in it (or have a photoshoot?) before it's harvested!
  5. Keep wearing white: The "no white after labor day" rule is dumb. Wear the white you have whenever you want!

Did these tips help? Are you sad to see summer go? How can your family make the most of what's left of summer?

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