I knew all along that Dave Grohl and company are just a bunch of down-to-earth dudes! Honestly, their backstage rider request surprised me! You too?

The Rock Of Rochester has just stumbled upon the Foo Fighters' backstage rider from Glastonbury Festival last weekend and it turns out their requests are nothing too crazy at all! In fact, they’re quite modest. No same-color M&M requests, nothing weird, wacky, or extravagant.

To me it all looks pretty darn healthy, and that they planned on doing some hydrating before going out and sweating their asses off!

Speaking of Foo Fighters......did any of you Z-Rockers score seats to Des Moines, IA or Sioux Falls, SD in November? Let me know at the Z-Rock Facebook Page and maybe we could hook-up beforehand!

'Train Wreck' ~ (filling-in for Val for a few days)

btw......the total cost of the rider came out to £145.10 or $184.77.

Foo Fighters Glastonbury Rider

1 x Fiji water
1 x Schwepps soda water
1 x Coconut water
1 x Pom Juice
1 x 12 pack of Diet Coke
1 x Fresh orange juice
1 x Ocean Spray cranberry juice
1 Case of Vitamin Water
1 Case of Red Bull
1 Case of Gatorade
1 Pack of Starbucks coffee beans
1 x Fat free organic milk
1 x Edensoy milk
1 Pack of avocados
1 Pack of tomatoes
1 Dark chocolate bar
1 Pack of bananas
1 Pack of apples
1 Pack of pears
1 Pack of kiwi fruit
1 Pack of seedless grapes
1 Jar of peanut butter


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