Are you sick and tired of scalpers and their intrusive BOTS? Scalpers & their automated BOTS have become our number one nemesis, and I'm p'oed about it! You too?

When the big-name shows come around these days our number one challenge is battling our way in to grab good seats. In my opinion there is NOTHING more stressful than those ten minutes prior to that 10am mark on the clock on the wall when those tickets go ON-SALE, be it Pre-sale, or General sales.

Recently there has been news about certain performing artists taking pro-active steps to help combat these secondary ticket market scum-bags. I SALUTE those artists who are adopting pro-active rolls in combating The BOTS.

Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends ~ TSM Rochester, MN
Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends ~ TSM Rochester, MN

One of those artists is Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. On their last trek thru Minnesota in Aug 2015 they adopted
a 'Beat the BOTS' pre-sale which required ticket buyers to line up at the Xcel Box Office early on a Saturday morning. I couldn't make it because I had to be on-air on Z-Rock during the Pre-Sale. However, my girl friend went and camped out early and got great seats at $75 each. She was number 66 in line.

Recently I wrote Grohl a letter thanking him for that effort, and asked him do the same next time, or even more! Below is the contents of that letter, written in a manner as though we sitting together at the end of a bar somewhere. I never received a formal reply back, (which is probably a good thing) but based on the steps I took I'm confident he received it.

Let's see what happens in the future. Together, we can BEAT THE BOTS.  Write those letters Z-Rockers! \m/\m/

Dear Dave,
we need your f________g HELP! These f________g secondary ticketing
companies & their f_________g BOT$ & slimy tentacles are f_________g things up badly for the 'average joe' who wants a fair shot at tickets to your shows. I say this because I anticipate you'll be touring in the US  in 2018. (that's just hunch)

I'm 60 years old and go to more f_________g shows NOW than at any
time in my life. Why? I had a fatal heart attack 8 years ago, and was afforded a 2nd chance. I was flat-line, DEAD on the table and survived only because I was a short 4 minute ambulance ride from one of the premier medical facilities on the PLANET, that being Mayo Clinic. My girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to catch your last St Paul stop at the Xcel Energy Center a couple years ago.  You did the 'Beat The BOTS Pre-Sale thing and we got great f________g seats! (see images)

I work on-air (part time) at a local active rock station in Rochester, MN.
I'm sick & tired of these scumbag ticketing companies f________g things up for the true fan. I appreciate the proactive steps you took took on your last tour to Beat The BOTS.

My g/f & I do 15-20 shows a year, and we're NOT afraid to pay VIP prices for premium seats & perks, for we feel that we'd rather pay YOU & your band than pay some f________g low-life ticketing asshole for premium seats. That's us, but I just can't stand to see other true fans NOT have a decent & fair chance to score decent seats in the lower level, or anywhere for that matter!

I'm sure you've heard in the news lately the extraordinary steps country artist Eric Church has taken against these bastards.
Sturgill Simpson has now stepped-up and is joining the initiative. I also know there will be more. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU & the Foo Fighters don't need some scum-sucking, low-life ticketing entity to sell out a 15,000 seat venue, or for that matter, any venue, including stadiums.
Hard-rocking, die-hard Foo Fighter fans would buy them up in a heartbeat at a fair price if afforded the chance. I feel that if one 'Dave Grohl' were to step forward and re-engage  proactively (insert: your next US tour) that you could help immeasurably by your actions. Your stature among performers could help make a monumental difference in this organic upheaval against the the slimy bastards. I ask you, PLEASE consider my suggestion.


In closing, perhaps someday I'll have the opportunity to actually meet you. At that time, I'll tell you exactly how I really feel about this entire topic. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Sincerely yours,

Steve Richards (aka: Train Wreck)
Rochester, MN @trainwreckradio


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