So far, it's been a week of rain, thunderstorms, and severe weather in certain parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. While the southeast Minnesota area received 1-2 inches of rain, western Wisconsin was rocked by a tornado on Tuesday, tragically killing one person and utterly decimating everything in its path.

Sometimes it's easy to go about your day and forget how powerful and dangerous weather can be. This video, shot by a drone owned by YouTuber Brandon Bodendorfer, shows just how damaging this tornado was. The drone follows the path of the tornado, including the aforementioned trailer park, a turkey farm, and residential areas in Barron County, Wisconsin.

If anything, this video is a solid reminder to never underestimate how dangerous tornadoes can be. When you hear those familiar sirens or get word of severe weather, it's always best to take it seriously and proceed with caution.

Credit: YouTube

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