How many of you have seen Frankie MacDonald's amazing weather forecasts on YouTube? He's covered a lot of major weather events across the world, his videos have been viewed by millions of people across the world, he once appeared on Tosh.0, and he even has his own Wikipedia page. Not too bad for an amateur weather reporter from Canada.

I was thrilled to discover that he just made a new weather report about severe thunderstorms in Minnesota for tomorrow, both because I kinda really like thunderstorms, and it's always cool when the North Star State gets a shoutout. There's just something about how enthusiastic he is about reporting weather. It's infectious. I love it.

Frankie packs a lot of information into a two-minute video. Here's what you can expect to learn from his weather forecast:

- Areas in Minnesota that should be expecting Severe Thunderstorms
- What can happen to your car when it hails
- What to expect when it rains
- Preparation tips involving rain coats, pizza, and soda
- A detailed report on which Samsung devices you should charge
- The point in which you and your family should abandon your home

Thanks, Frankie. You're the best.

Credit: YouTube

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