When I first saw the 2017 Rock Fest line-up announced I was as giddy as you were, for many of the same reasons I suspect.

Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends
Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends

One of the 'classic acts' that jumped off the page at me was that of the 'legendary' Lita Ford. I don't use that term 'legendary' loosely, either!

Lita is a ground-breaker, a bad ass, a pioneer, and her current line-up flat-out rocks! As a matter of fact, if you asked any of those other artists & bands that are performing at Rock Fest they would undoubtedly give you the same description, and use the same terms!

You may remember a semi-acoustic set she played right here in Rochester a couple years back at The Wicked Moose with her band's guitarist, Patrick Kennison.

While sifting thru some some old You Tube links I found this one in which I would truly categorize #CoversThatDontSUCK  Do you agree?

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-'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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