Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose earlier this week wrote a post on the Dodge County Sheriff Office's Facebook page that explained why there were not any interviews or discussions with Dodge County Sheriff's officials on the Friday evening DATELINE episode that was about Lois Riess.

Sheriff Rose eloquently spoke of the pain that is still lingering in the community and for the family of Lois Riess. Rose opened his post with "PLEASE KEEP THE RIESS FAMILY IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS..."

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Sheriff Rose then went on to state why the Sheriff's Office wasn't featured on the 2-hour program Friday night.

Sheriff Rose wrote: "This family is still struggling to heal the best they can. If we had talked to Dateline (or any of the other numerous tabloid tv shows who’ve been calling), our appearance would have done nothing more than help them sell advertisement – which does nothing to help this family. In reality, unless the family is involved to help tell the story, shows like this simply revictimize them over and over again."

More succinctly put Rose pulled back the curtain of many broadcasting company's when he went on to pen why he feels national networks create broadcasts centered around unfortunate and sad situations, like the one the Riess family had to go through. "Unfortunately, the true reality is these national network tabloids don’t care about victim's families like the Riess or Hutchinson family. They don’t care about Dodge County – they’d never heard of Dodge County until this happened. All they care about is getting the story and selling advertisements. This is evident by their relentless calls and emails to this office and to this family over the past several months and years.
This is why we didn’t participate."

It was one of the most refreshing things I saw on the internet recently, and I applaud the Dodge County Sheriff's Office for their stance on the story that was told and for choosing not to participate.

You can see Sheriff Rose's entire post about the broadcast below.


We had a lot of people on Friday night sending messages...

Posted by Dodge County Sheriff MN on Monday, February 1, 2021

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