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The Walgreens, in Coralville, Iowa (about 3 hours south of Rochester, past Cedar Rapids), called the police just after Christmas 2020 to report a biting mad customer. She was furious people commented on her lack of a mask.

The Coralville Police complaints say that December 27th, around 8:30 at night, a 30-yaer-old woman was inside the Walgreens when two people apparently comments about the fact she wasn't wearing a Coronavirus face mask. The words they used were not reported.

In response to the mask-talk, the Iowa City woman spat at them. At that point, tempers flared and the police report the three people, no longer satisfied being just spitter and spittees, got into it becoming, "entangled" and that means they all fell down to the Walgreens tile floor.

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NOT the Iowa Melee. (Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

In what I can only assume would be called a "mini-melee", one of the spittees had their hair pulled out of their head and their nose scratched. The other says they were bitten by the non-mask wearing woman.

At some point they disentangled, and the aggressor took off. The store clerk had seen her driver's license, so she had her name and contact information. Plus the car she left in was registered to her.

Police arrested her, and is looking at two counts of assault causing bodily injury. It's a misdemeanor, but considered serious. She was lodged in the Johnson County Jail but was released on her own recognizance.

(Some information for this story came from KCRG)

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NOT the suspect. (Kamil Macniak)

This isn't the first biting in Coralville, IA. Another incident took place one month before Christmas in 2013. Remember, the story of the Walgreens biter was just after Christmas, 2020. Coincidence?

Anyway, both bites were the result of a fight...

A fight broke out Saturday that ended with felony charges and a severed finger, Coralville police say. Shortly before 4 p.m., officers responded to the 700 block of 19th Avenue in Coralville after hearing reports of a subject who had his finger “bitten off.” Read the whole finger biting story here.

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