If you don't already, you'll want to know them.

The Manic Diaries are about to have a very busy 2017, so you'll have plenty of chances to get to know them too!

The Manic Diaries FB
The Manic Diaries FB

These guys hit the scene in Rochester in 2014. Since then, they've already released an album, and opened up for the likes of Hed PE. They explain, "The Manic Diaries is a story. A struggle with highs and lows. Those moments in life where you want to rip your hair out, to the moments that take your breath away. The craziness and the madness in between is what keeps us human, and the music that drives it all lies somewhere in the chaos." Nice!

Oh, and here's come more big news...

Don't forget this truth bomb either...

How cool is that!? The Manic Diaries are Jason Gillespie (Vocals/Guitar), Andy Bahl (Guitar) Matt Seeger (Bass) and Eric Thompson (Drums) all from right here in Rochester. They call themselves progressive metal. You can take a closer listen below.

And If The World Should End is a badass piece of work, and I can hear a lot of their influences in it, which is a good thing. They are into Nonpoint, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour and Chevelle just to name a few.

Tune in next week for more Minnesota Brutal kids!

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