Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - For a second straight year, the scores posted by students in the Rochester School District on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments were well below the state averages. The results of the standardized tests taken by Minnesota students earlier this year were released by the Minnesota Department of Education today. .

Statewide, 60.2 percent of students demonstrated proficiency in reading, 58.6-percent met or exceeded state standards for math, and 54.2 percent were proficient in science.

In the Rochester Public Schools, there was a 2-percentage point drop in reading, where 57.5-percent had scores that reflected proficiency. In math, the level of proficiency fell 1.2 percentage points to 54.4 percent, while only 47.2 percent met or exceeded the standard for science compared with 51-percent last year.

The data also shows the so-called achievement gap persists. Among black students, only about 30-percent were proficient in math, just under 36-percent met the standard for reading and only 21 percent demonstrated proficiency in science.

The statewide averages were nearly steady when compared to 2016, although there was a slight drop in the math scores.

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