We all have the occasional tough day at work through no fault of our own, but getting shot with a Taser and bitten by a police dog aren't consequences on the average job.

In my case, as I dash around southern Minnesota during the sports season, I might run into slippery roads. Sometimes the equipment doesn't work, or a JV game goes into double overtime and delays the start of a basketball game.

But a police officer in the northern Minnesota town of Dilworth had a rough shift in early August, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune website. The story reports that officer Brad Browning pulled over a vehicle for having a headlight out. He found that the driver had a warrant out for him, so called in backup.

During an effort to take in the driver, a scuffle ensued. The assisting officer used his Taser, but hit Browning instead of the suspect, who then fled. Browning apparently recovered quickly enough to help in the chase. By then another backup officer had arrived with a police dog, who was turned loose and eventually bit Browning.

In the end, officers apprehended Stephen Hietala, according to the story. No word on whether Browning safely made it home after his shift, or whether his wife then got upset over holes in his uniform from the Taser or dog bite.

What is a bad day on the job like for you?

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