Ever since city council announced that ride sharing services were permitted to take hold in Rochester, we've all been freaking out!

We wondered how it would feel to be one of the first Uber drivers, once this gets under way. Turns out, we may have had an exclusive interview with someone who could be Rochester's first Uber driver!

Yesterday, we asked, "How do you feel about Uber and Lyft coming to Rochester?" We got some answers.

Meet Jim.

There you have it! Need a ride? Just search for Jim in Rochester!

This is so cool! Now we know that Uber is already taking steps to prepare and line-up drivers, so that they can begin ride sharing as soon as the ordinance is posted.

How long do you think it will be before we really start to see Uber and Lyft around Rochester? My guess: things could happen as early as next week! It seems like they are moving fast!


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