It’s supposedly going to be a scorching hot weekend in Minnesota, so I’m guessing at least a few of you are excited about getting outside for a little warm weather fun. This is also great timing, because Saturday is National Get Outdoors Day. The best part about this? You’ll have free admission to Minnesota state parks.


*Minnesota Nice!

That means you’ll save about $5 for a typical day pass, but that’s still a pretty nice deal to have. It also gets better, because a lot of parks will have different themes and events.

Want to learn about snakes and see a live timber rattlesnake (…I’m good)? Check out Forestville Mystery Cave State Park in Preston.

Whitewater State Park – where I’m thinking about going – is offering “Take a Kid Trout Fishing Day” for ages 10-15. Does it count if I have the maturity of a 14-year-old?

Either way, this should be a great time to get outside and check out the beautiful parks Minnesota has to offer.

Get the full details at the Minnesota DNR website riiiight HERE.

Source: Star Tribune



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