If you've ever had a pet, it's always hilarious when you catch them looking at a TV screen. True story: I once had a cat growing up who would be glued to the screen when golf was on. I also had a dog who never watched TV, but would freak out anytime he heard someone knocking on a door in a movie.

I've never seen this, though - a bulldog watching a horror film (I can't quite place this one - Insidious? Sinister? Someone help me out) and getting super into it. I don't need a dog-to-human translator to know that he's definitely barking out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET OUT OF THAT ROOM. THERE IS A GHOST BEHIND YOU." Sometimes, you just know. Take a watch, and make sure you stay for this bulldog's reaction to the scariest part in the movie:

Good dog.

Source: YouTube

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