So close, yet so far away! Papa Roach have just unveiled their latest video for "Periscope" off the band's recently released Crooked Teeth album.

For fans who have dug into the band's new album, you're aware that the song also features singer Skylar Grey on vocals, duetting opposite Jacoby Shaddix. Both singers appear in the clip, often spotted behind moisture filled windows in steamy rooms filled with dark pastel lighting. And while the pair both star in the clip and are seen onscreen together, they just can't seem to get together, often at arms distance or facing back-to-back, mirroring the distance expressed in the lyrics.

In speaking with Loudwire Nights affiliate Q103 in Albany earlier this year, Shaddix spoke about the collaboration with Grey. "We wanted to have a guest female vocal on it, and on the last album, we had Maria Brink from In This Moment on ‘Gravity.’ But I didn’t wanna just go in and grab another rock chick. I wanted to work with somebody that was outside the box and different but that I was a fan of," stated Shaddix. "So I’ve been listening to this girl Skylar Grey for years now. And she’s been on some great tracks — she’s been on some Dre stuff, some Eminem stuff, she’s been on a Fort Minor track. But she’s kind of this indie, alternative, pop type of girl, and she’s just got a lot of credibility in that scene, and she’s got a great voice, and I’m a big fan. And so I thought, why not try some collaborations and some guest spots that were outside the box, not the norm?”

As stated, "Periscope" can be found on the Crooked Teeth album. The disc is currently available via Amazon and iTunes. And you can look for Papa Roach supporting the album on tour at these stops.

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