Can you find yourself in this collage?

I'll admit - I know "selfies" aren't exactly a very "rock and roll" thing to do. We think of them as something "the kids" do. Or, at least that's what I thought... until you guys submitted yours!

I asked you to share your recent selfies last week. Can you find yourself in the gallery?

Rockin' Roch Selfies

Here are a few observations I made about your selfies. You can tell me if I'm wrong, BUT... I think these mean...

  • Rochester freaking loves their pets.
  • We have an obsession with bunnies?
  • We like chips.
  • We like to vacation.
  • We prefer to be outdoors.
  • Anytime time spent with friends, is time well spent.

Did I get it? Or nah?

In all seriousness, this was just a fun project I threw together to see what they would look like. If you weren't included in the gallery, don't take it personally. There was no contest. There is no winner. I literally just randomly grabbed some photos that caught my eye.

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