You heard it from us first. It's finally Z-ROCK 107.7's turn to host Thursdays On 1st & 3rd this week, and we're doing it big with The 9th Planet Out.

If you still don't know who The 9th Planet Out is, let me start by telling you that this Thursday you're in for a treat. They are a down and gritty rock band, plain and simple, and they always bring the big production.

See what I mean? That's not all either, for this show especially, they hooked themselves up with some awesome new gear.

Josh Kulack
Josh Kulack

Smoke machines, and several new original tunes... you can't go wrong!

Join us this Thursday as we rock out Thursdays On 1st & 3rd right in the heart of downtown Rochester. I'll (Val) will be bringing the party with t-shirts and koozies too! Be sure to find me. Well, if you can that is... I'm actually pretty short.

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