With flu season underway for the next several months, you're probably very interested in not getting sick. Maybe you've already gotten your annual flu shot. But is that ENOUGH?!

According to researchers at the University of Oregon, there's one easy thing you can do at home that can help kill germs and put you in a better mood. That thing?


Researchers analyzed a set of dollhouse-sized rooms to compare rooms that are exposed to daylight through glass, rooms exposed to only ultraviolet light, and rooms that are completely dark. After 90 days, they found that rooms exposed to daylight have about half the amount of germs compared to a dark room.

That's interesting to know. So when we're all cooped up indoors this winter, don't forget to draw the blinds and get some sunlight in the room. Not only will it put you in a better mood, but it just might prevent you from feeling a little green.

Source: NPR

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