Did you know that one of the largest sporting camps in the nation is taking place in Rochester this weekend? It’s true! Ironwood Springs is kicking off its National Wheelchair Sports Camp, which is actually the largest wheelchair sports camp of its kind in the United States.

Starting tomorrow, wheelers from all across the country will be coming to Ironwood Springs to participate in a variety of sport-themed activities while being coached by world-class Paralympic athletes. One of the cool things about this is that campers will be encouraged to do things they never felt possible while being challenged to look beyond their disability. It’s very inspirational, and also really cool that it’s taking place in Rochester.

Ironwood Springs is also inviting people to come out this weekend to witness just how incredible the human spirit can be. Here’s what’s going down tomorrow (Saturday, June 9th):

8:30AM Wheels of Fire 10K Race (starting from the Pizza Ranch in Stewartville to Ironwood)

3:30PM Scavenger Hunt

6:30PM Softball

Check out the full list of activities here.

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