So this afternoon I was browsing through the Rochester Craigslist (don’t ask) when I came across a posting under the “Rants and Raves” section from about a month ago. Since the author of this post remains anonymous, I can’t confirm whether it’s true or not. That being said, I figure it’s worth mentioning:

White Van Scam In SW Rochester

“Scammers trying to sell electronics out of a black suburban in parking lots beware. Don’t buy anything. Call police ASAP. Last seen Target south, Fleet Farm, Lowe’s. Friday afternoon.”

For those of you not aware, a “White van speaker scam” is when a con artist will buy generic speakers and present them as a high-quality product. For example, they’ll try to pass off $40 speakers as being worth thousands of dollars, and make a profit by selling them for "only" a couple hundred bucks. They’ll often give a fake spiel about how their “company” obtained extra speakers due to some warehouse/bookkeeping/computer error. Not true! In fact, these speakers could likely have been stolen.

Bottom line? You probably don’t want to buy electronics in a parking lot; especially from a stranger in a van. And if it seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Thanks, Craigslist!

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