Despite the hit due to lack of music venues in the area, the music scene in Rochester, Minnesota continues to grow.

TSM Rochester / Val
TSM Rochester / Val

A lot of you reading this probably know me as the tiny dark-haired rocker chick that you happen to see all over social media for no reason. Some of you know me more simply as "the radio girl."

That's all cool, BUT - I hope you all realize that the only reason I'm "seen everywhere" is because I'm finally in a position where I can support the musicians and artists that make this community go 'round. That's all I've ever really wanted to do.

I've wanted to be that support system ever since I dove into radio in college, back in 2009. My favorite part of my college station was the ability to be the mouth-piece for the music scene in my native Pittsburgh.

I'm doing that in Rochester right now, and couldn't be more thrilled with what I'm seeing!

I see all of you busting your ass loading each other in, and helping each other load out when the show is over. I see all of you using social media in creative and original ways to reflect who you are as an artist. I see SO MUCH SUPPORT for everyone's project - even if it isn't (personally) their favorite genre of music.

Last week, I saw a full crowd at Pure Rock Studios for a big show. So many of us attend shows at Kathy's, Northstar, Mayo Civic Center and Cafe Steam.

We've got plenty of people in Rochester like Christian Clements (via Positive Tuesday), the team at Pure Rock Studios (encouraging the musicians of the future), those that play in multiple bands just to grow the scene, and Tyler Aug (via badass videos) all supporting the scene in various ways. That's not even the full list! There are so many more who support it backstage too.

This is exciting to be part of, and I want to say thank you for welcoming me into it!

My only hope is that we continue to push and show the country what our sound is (hint: it's varied thanks to multiple acts that fall within multiple genres) and that it deserves recognition. I love that we're creating our own venues despite the lack of them (Foster Fest, etc.)

Let's see what 2018 brings!

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