Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - It appears about 50 gas stations in southeastern Minnesota were affected by an operational error at a local fuel terminal.

Magellan Midstream LLC issued an update this afternoon concerning deliveries of gasoline containing a small percentage of diesel fuel to retailers throughout the greater Rochester area and southeastern Minnesota on Friday and Saturday. The company says it is still working with the affected gas stations, convenience stores and truck stops to remove and replace the tainted gasoline. The statement says several retailers have been replenished with gasoline unaffected by the problem and have resumed normal operations.

Magellan says customers who purchased the affected fuel on Friday and Saturday and has a concern about the impact of the diesel fuel on their vehicles, should contact their mechanic or auto dealership to discuss options for resolving the issue. Anyone wishing to file a claim should contact their gasoline retailer or the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which has issued a list of the affected retailers.

Magellan’s statement says the company will cover all legitimate claims.

A statement from the Commerce Department says, while it is unlikely the small amount of contamination will cause severe or long-term vehicle damage, consumers who bought gas in the Rochester area since Friday afternoon and experienced poor performance such as knocking or pinging should keep their receipts and contact the Commerce Department's Weights & Measures Division at or 651-539-1555.

Magellan Midstream earlier stated the problem at the company’s terminal has been resolved and normal operations have resumed. Additional testing has also been ordered to prevent a future occurrence.

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