Every weekday at noon we play the latest rock tunes with our #newner! Did you hear these ones that Val picked this week?

Tuesday (5/30/17): A Punch's Pilot - "Maneater"

Awesome Hall & Oates cover! We're still just getting familiar with these guys.


Wednesday (5/31/2017): Rancid - "Bovver Rock And Roll"

It's good to have some new stuff from Rancid again.


Thursday (6/1/17): Foo Fighters - "Run"

Bonus: Dave Grohl directed this video! How cool is that!? This released was a total surprise to us, but we were glad to be playing it! You'll hear it more often on Z-ROCK 107.7.


Friday (6/2/17): Papa Roach - "American Dreams"

The latest single off of the newly released Crooked Teeth, which, if you were wondering, is amazing as a whole.

Tune in next week for more new music every weekday at noon!

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