Starting tonight, Minnesota stargazers will be in for a special treat. That's because the planet Saturn will be at opposition from the Earth, meaning the ringed planet will rise opposite of sunset and set in the west just before sunrise. Put simply, this will be a good opportunity to see Saturn at its brightest...if you can spot it.

According to Thrillist, Saturn can be seen in the constellation Sagittarius, and will be at its highest point in the sky around midnight. The cool thing? No special goggles required! You should be able to see it with the naked eye; although I'd definitely go ahead and bust out your old telescope if you have one. This is basically like a planet-sized version of Where's Waldo.

"But wait," some of you might be thinking, "I have to go to bed early tonight!"

No worries, my friend! Saturn should be visible from Minnesota throughout our summer nights. Don't forget to look up in the sky to check out Saturn while you can!

Source: Thrillist

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