Over 10,000 cookie bricks, over 1600 pounds of candy, and 3,300 pounds of icing make up the largest possible diet-killer this season.

The Fairmont San Francisco had a gaudy giant gingerbread house built for guests to enjoy a meal inside...inside the hotel.

It's 25' x 35' x 10', two stories tall, and big enough for about ten people (or approximately three Hansels).



Minerva Studio/Thinkstock

Guests can make reservations to eat inside the gingerbread house (but eat not the house itself). For only $500, you can reserve the house to propose to your loved one. You get an hour in the house; plus wine, cookies, and roses.

Better make sure she'll/he'll definitely say, "yes".

Fortunately, you don't have to have a reservation at the hotel itself to pay even more to make a reservation inside the hotel. Check out the video a lady made and posted on YouTube.

She only had 12 views when I wrote this blog, so let's make it skyrocket!!!

H/T: Daily Mail