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An 8-year-old Belleville, Wisconsin girl will be part of the Biden/Harris Inauguration event tonight! She's being honored for reaching out to help her community during the pandemic.

According to CBS News, Last spring, 2nd-grader Morgan Marsh McGlone started a virtual lemonade stand where people donated what they could, and in return, would get a Free Lemonade coupon. She hoped to raise $90...but in the end her fundraiser brought in over $50,000!

Just 30 minutes south of Madison, WI, Morgan and her family had returned to day-to-day of life during the pandemic. Then someone from the inaugural team called and say something like, "Hey, we have a spot for you just before Tom Hanks...would you be willing to tell everyone about what you did to help your community?"


So that's what will happen tonight...she'll give a virtual talk, then into Tom Hanks. Pretty nerve racking for anyone, but it sounds like for this 8-year-old, it'll be ez-pz-mac and cheesy!

How can you be nervous about introducing a world famous star during an inauguration when you've never heard of Tom Hanks or the word "inauguration."

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You do the Midwest proud, Morgan Marsh McGlone! Once again proving, no matter how old you are or how much school you've attended, if you want to help your community, you can!

PS - Everyone that got one of the over 700 Free Lemonade coupons will have to wait 'til after the pandemic to cash 'em in.

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