Next time you're in Madison, Wisconsin, take a 25-minute drive north to DeForest, WI to see the world's largest pink elephant, Pinkie!

Pinkie the Giant Pink Elephant?

Lets Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in story.
Let's Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in the story.

How do you find this stuff, James? I'm a long-time fan of Ferris Beuller, that's how! LOL. Most of the time I just luck into it. Like Pinkie, I was doing a story about a guy that fell into a cement mixer in a small town north of Madison, and, lo and behold, just a stone's throw away, was a GIANT PINK ELEPHANT!

Tell Me About Pinkie the Giant Elephant

When you're on I-39/90/94, look for exit 126. You could use your GPS, but take the exit, look around for a giant pink elephant Kind of a landmark in those parts. Boom. Selfie time!

Lets Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in story.
Let's Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in the story.

Right near a gas station, Pinkie's been hanging out since the 1960s, literally as a way to get more customers to the gas station. So, go in, pee, buy something (they have Pinkie Merch!), say thanks, and get on your way, ya scamps!

Things 2 No: No selfie stick needed, they have selfie stuff set up for you!

Where Do People Get These Giant Things?

I have wondered that for a long long time, but have been too lazy to look it up myself. Come to find out, I wasn't meant to look it up, it came to me. Looking into Pinkie, I found an awesome road-trip video about Pinkie and the maker of many big roadside things.

Pinkie Was Made By A Sparta Wisconsin Company.

PS - Kudos Let's Go Road Trippin', great video!

PSS - According to 608today, Pinkie has siblings and niblings across the midwest,

Originally produced for Arco Gas Stations, Pinkie look-alikes can be found at car washes, antique malls, and other spots around Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

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