This is the type of guy to give you the shirt off his back. He just doesn't know it.

A woman in Placentia, Calif. accidentally donated one of her husband's shirts to Goodwill, unaware that there was $8,000 in cash in an envelope in the front pocket.

Linda Hoffman had no clue that her husband, Bob, had been saving the money for six years in the hopes of surprising her with a trip to Italy.

Eight thousand dollars. In cash. In an envelope. In his shirt. With this much money, you've gotta at least shove it under the mattress.

Two days after Linda made the donation, Bob discovered the shirt wasn't in the house and they received a free, all-expense-paid trip to panic mode. He told his wife what he had planned to do with the money and they zipped over to Goodwill to look for the shirt. No one could find it and the couple began to be resigned to the fact that someone else would get the money.

But then they caught a huge break. A day later, a Goodwill employee stumbled onto the shirt -- and the loot. The Hoffmans got their money back. "I describe it as a miracle," Hoffman said. "I would say that it was honest people and what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were."

Something tells us they'll have a good laugh about this while they enjoy a relaxing gondola ride in Venice.

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