Paying at the pump has been a lot less painful recently. I still remember when gasoline prices were skyrocketing years ago, which really put a damper on that whole ‘driving’ thing. But this summer has been pretty fantastic; during the Fourth of July holiday, gasoline was the cheapest it’s been in years.

That being said, recent events from across the country may want to prepare you to start spending a little more, according to Vice News. With Tropical Storm Harvey wreaking havoc throughout Texas, gasoline prices have started soaring due to several of Texas’ refineries having to be shut down.

What does that mean for us in Minnesota? Not only will this likely lead to us paying more at the pump, but the price of airline tickets as well as goods that are delivered by trucks and ships could jump up as well. That could mean several things could be a little more expensive than usual - at least temporarily. Hopefully.

In the meantime, you can find a list of ways to help the Texas flooding victims here.

Credit: Vice News

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