Sliced ketchup could be topping your sandwiches in the very near future. It instantly caught my attention. How could a slice of ketchup that is mess-free, gives you the perfect burger-to-ketchup ratio AND is all natural NOT sound exciting?

People's thoughts:

Sliced ketchup? Isn't that a tomato?

NO! No, way. Not the same....

While others just flat out said, "no, that's nasty!"

But why? You're not even going to try it? What if the flavor is spot-on? I totally get that it looks weird, but so does kale, clams, brussel sprouts etc... We still eat all of that! Interestingly enough, without even seeing a picture of the sliced ketchup, listeners immediately dismissed it. I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of kindergartners, "make sure you try it before you knock it!" No offense ;)

Obviously someone (or many people) are buying into this, because they've raised nearly $20,000 on Kickstarter. Introducing Slice of Sauce:

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