I don’t want to scare anyone, but for those of you who have a fear of clowns…you should probably know about this. That’s because hundreds of clowns will be gathering in Bloomington this week for the definitely not creepy 2018 World Clown Association convention.

The event helps educate clowns across the country on how to practice their gags, present the perfect pie, lure children into the sewer, and market themselves on social media. They’ll also be putting a focus on the future of clowning in America after the Ringling Brothers Circus closed last year.

If this news makes you feel like you may have found your calling in life, the convention will be held through Friday at the Crown Plaza Suites in Bloomington.

But the fun-slash-horror doesn’t end there! You can head to the Mall of America on Tuesday for a “clown parade competition” from 2PM to 4:30PM. As a reminder, never give a clown a list of your fears.

Source: MPR

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