Yes, 2020 was awful… seriously awful, but there were some brights spots throughout this incredibly dark year.

2020 started out well enough, with Dave Mustaine announcing to a packed crowd that he was cancer-free. The Megadeth legend beat the disease after 51 rounds of radiation and nine chemotherapy sessions, also using medical marijuana to aid in his recovery. Mustaine went right back to work on Megadeth’s new album after getting the all-clear from doctors and he even released a tell-all book this year on the story of Rust in Peace. Hail Dave!

Since late 2018, Ozzy Osbourne has been plagued by multiple staph infectionspneumoniathe flu, a burst blood vessel in his eye, a grisly fall that dislodged metal rods in his body from a previous accident and the onset of Parkinson's Disease, but after a couple tough years, 2020 allowed the Prince of Darkness to thrive. This year, Ozzy released his first solo album in 10 years, Ordinary Man, which hit No. 3 on the Billboard 200. He also starred in the 2020 TV series The Osbournes Want to Believe, lent his voice to Trolls World Tour and hosted his own radio show. And in a recent update about his health, Ozzy reported that he’s 75-percent back to normal.

In an era when pop stars and rappers don’t need to cover rock and metal for clout, they did so anyway for the love of music. MGK hit No. 1 on Billboard with an unexpectedly great pop-punk album he recorded with Travis Barker, Miley Cyrus hit No. 2 with a rock album and Doja Cat went metal at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Gatekeeping metalheads may not be thrilled with these supposed culture vultures, but trust us, it’s all extremely good for the world of rock and metal.

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